Since 2006, Tub Tile & Tops has been helping homeowners and business owners stretch their remodeling budgets by offering durable, high-quality refinishing services. To learn more about our tub, shower, sink, countertop, or tile refinishing in Nashville and throughout Tennessee, contact us at (615) 469-0756 today or request a quote online.

When your kitchen or bathroom fixtures and surfaces have seen better days, you can trust our proven refinishing process to make them look like new again. You’ll get a smooth and durable surface that is easy to maintain at a fraction of the cost of replacement – plus you can rest easy knowing that our five-year warranty is there to protect your investment.

Why Choose Refinishing?

If you have been wondering whether you should choose refinishing over demolition and replacement, consider the questions below – if you answer yes to any of them, refinishing is probably the right choice for you.

  • Are you searching for a new look for your kitchen or bathroom but want quick, mess-free results?
  • Would you like to update your home or business without embarking on major renovations?
  • Are you prepping your home for sale and want to make some upgrades before listing while ensuring a good return on your investment?
  • Is it important to you to make eco-friendly choices when you remodel your home or commercial space?
  • Do you want to stretch your remodeling budget by making cost savings of 75 percent or more?

Refinishing – An Eco-Friendly Option

Choosing refinishing with Tub Tile & Tops also means you are making green choices.

  • When you choose refinishing over replacement, you are making a decision to keep your bathtub, countertop, fixtures, and related construction materials out of the landfill. That’s good for the earth and your pocketbook.
  • We use an eco-friendly coating system for every project we tackle. The acrylic urethane technology meets U.S. EPA standards for VOC emissions, so it is safe to use in your home or business and is virtually odor-free. As an added bonus, it cures within four hours and is highly resistant to impact, chemicals, and moisture, giving you one of the most durable finishes possible.

Locally Owned and Veteran-Operated

If you would like to know more about surface refinishing and fiberglass repairs, our FAQs are filled with valuable information. You might also be interested in reading our reviews to see what some of our other customers have to say about our friendly, professional service and the final product.

As a locally owned and veteran–operated business, Tub Tile & Tops takes pride in a job well done. Our customers in Nashville, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and throughout Tennessee can tell you what quick and beautiful results they’ve seen thanks to our highly skilled refinishing technicians. Contact us at (615) 469-0756 to arrange for a free quote and to get started on the finishing process in your home or commercial space.