If you have a fiberglass pool in the Murfreesboro area, you may have experienced some issues with your pool over the years. While pool repairs are nothing new, you don’t want to let just anyone handle them. The trained fiberglass contractors at Tub Tile & Tops have the knowledge and experience to carefully and thoroughly take care of any fiberglass pool repairs you may need. We will take care of these types of repairs and more, making sure you can continue relaxing and playing in your own backyard. 

3 Common Repairs for Fiberglass Pools

1. Spider Cracks

Spider cracks are small hairline cracks that can be found in the top surface layer, or the gelcoat, of your fiberglass pool. These cracks typically don’t extend throughout the rest of the fiberglass layers, as long as you’re taking proper care of your pool. Often, these spider cracks are hard to see, so repairs may only be necessary if they become larger or if you discover more of them over time.

2. Fading & Discoloration

Fading and discoloration of your fiberglass pool’s gelcoat is a result of good old-fashioned wear and tear. Time takes its toll on your pool, just like it does on many other home systems. When the gelcoat needs to be replaced, the technicians at Tub Tile & Tops are more than up to the task. Thankfully, we offer a wide variety of color and texture options for fiberglass pool repair. We are sure to have the solution you need for your faded or discolored pool.

3. Consistent Leaking

While it’s normal for the water level of your pool to fluctuate, it’s not normal to have to consistently top off the water level every few weeks. This could be a sure sign that you have a leak somewhere in the fiberglass wall. The best way to approach a possible pool leak is to take care of it swiftly and quickly. Our fiberglass contractors will carefully drain your pool, locate the leak or leaks, and effectively repair them.

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