Are you ready to tackle bathroom remodeling? If you’re the one coordinating your home improvements, you are probably doing plenty of research on what to change and how to save money. At Tub Tile & Tops LLC of Nashville, we regularly help Tennessee homeowners revitalize their bathrooms, so we wanted to pass along a few remodeling options. bathroom remodel

1. Tub Refinishing

Is your bathtub looking worn? Maybe it’s been stained or needs fiberglass repair? Before you throw out the old tub, consider tub refinishing. Bathtub refinishing offers an easy and often less-expensive way to bring your bathtub back to life or to give it a needed update.

2. Countertop Refinishing

That golden countertop may have been all the rage in the 1970s, but today, it is begging for an upgrade. Avoid the hassle and cost associated with countertop replacement through countertop refinishing. You can change the color or even request a finish that gives your countertops the appearance of granite.

3. Tile Refinishing

If your existing shower tile or floor tiles are outdated or are faded, revitalize them with tile refinishing services. You don’t have to mess with ripping out the old tiles and then leveling and placing new tiles. Instead, your tile floor can look like new in just a couple of days—without any backbreaking work for you! Tub Tile & Tops LLC is a family-owned and –operated business based in Nashville, TN. We provide the residents of Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Hendersonville, and the surrounding areas with refinishing and fiberglass repair services. To learn more about these bathroom-remodeling techniques, contact Tub Tile & Tops LLC of Nashville, TN at (615) 469-0756. We can give you a quote on any of our refinishing services and walk you through the process. Be sure also to check out our past customer reviews. photo credit: both taps, mirror.jpg via photopin (license)