Are you looking for a way to spice up your kitchen or add a focal point in your living room? Consider using tile to add interest and charm to various areas of your home. By thinking out of the box, you can use tile in various ways and many spaces. Wherever you choose to use tile in your home, Tub Tile & Tops recommends these four creative applications that are bound to elevate your living space.

4 Creative Ways to Use Tile in Your Home

1. Fireplace Surroundings

Using tiles as a fireplace surround is an economical alternative to framing your fireplace with masonry work. Not only does it add a modern feature to your home, but it also highlights your living or family room. Look for tile with higher breaking strength that can withstand fireplace heat, and use a polymer premium-grade mortar with a strong bond.

2. Kitchen Backsplashes

Tile backsplashes are a great way to add color, texture, and visual appeal to your kitchen. Apply any tile, such as subway, mosaic, accent, or combination. A custom tile design can upgrade the dull wall between your cabinets and countertops. Plus, tile backsplash makes clean-up easier from food splashes, grease splatters, and liquid spills. 

3. Bathroom Mirrors

Enhance that boring mirror in your bathroom with a unique and attractive tile frame. Select a tile with the same color scheme as the shower, or brighten it with a vibrant and spicy look. Choose between two distinct designs by mounting the tile on the mirror or the wall around it. 

4. Tabletops

Would you like to upgrade an old kitchen table or renew that aged end table in your living room? Create a beautiful mosaic on these surfaces with leftover tile. Applying different patterns and designs to square or rectangular furniture is ideal to avoid cutting the tile. Small mosaic tiles look great on round tables and are easy to apply. 

Professional Tile Refinishing in Nashville

If you prefer to refinish the tile in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room rather than replace it with brand-new tile, request a quote for our professional solutions by calling (615) 469-0756. We provide Nashville and all neighboring communities with fiberglass refinishing, sink refinishing, and bathtub repairs.

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