Without a little color, bathrooms can sometimes feel a bit drab. Your family spends a great deal of time in the loo, so why not make the time spent in there more pleasant? Today we’ll talk about brightening up the home bathroom. Here are a few quick tips for transforming your bathroom from a dark, dingy utilitarian space into a much more relaxing environment during your next bathroom remodel: Make it Sparkle: A lot of dirt and grime can collect on bathroom surfaces, which can cause a bathroom to appear dim and dirtier than it actually is. If your tub is too far gone for even the most thorough of cleaning, a bathtub refinishing might be your best option. Natural Light: Make the most out of any natural light you can let soak into your bathroom. The sun’s rays are always more appealing than an incandescent or fluorescent bulbs above the bathroom mirror. Pick the Right Colors: Pair your bathroom fixtures with complementary colors. By enhancing the color design of your bathroom, you can do a lot to make it brighter, more open, and relaxing. For some inspiration, check out this foolproof color guide from HGTV. Mirrors: Mirrors create the illusion of extra space in the bathroom and reflect any artificial or natural light therein, which will make the bathroom brighter. Www.tub-refinishing-nashville.com can help improve the look and feel of your bathroom’s countertops, sinks, tile, and more with our expertise and years of knowledge. Contact Tub Tile & Tops today at (615) 469-0756 and let us help you make your bathroom the crown jewel of your home.