If your bathroom has seen better days, you might just feel like giving up and scraping it completely. But before take on a major home improvement project like that consider tub resurfacing. Even if you need a few replacements and updates, bathtub refinishing is way less expensive than replacing the tub completely.

Is DIY Tub Resurfacing Right For You?

Before you take on a project like this it is important to do the research. Bathtub refinishing is not for rookies, not only do you need certain skill sets; you also need proper ventilation and tools. If you feel like you are properly equipped for the task here are the basics.

DIY Steps for Bathtub Refinishing

  1. Prepare the Surface: You’ll need to give the tub a thorough cleaning with an abrasive cleaner and scrub pad to ensure the reglazing paint will adhere. Use a putty knife or razor blade to remove stubborn residue if needed. Cover faucet and handles with plastic or tape, and remove the drain cover.
  2. Sand the Surface: Roughing up the tub will give the new paint and primer a good base. Vacuum the sanding dust away when finished, wipe with a cloth, then rinse out the tub.
  3. Apply the Primer and Paint: Before you begin, make sure you have window open or a fan on for ventilation. Wearing safety glasses, rubber gloves and a respirator is also a good idea. Brush on the paint (see manufacturer’s directions for the number of coats needed, and primer recommendations).
  4. Caulk and Return Drain Cover: When the paint is completely dry (about 24-48 hours), re-caulk the tub and put the drain cover back in. Use plumber’s putty under the drain cover for a good seal.

If after reading through helpful DIY websites you feel like this is a task you don’t have the skills, equipment, or time for, contact Tub Tile and Tops in Nashville. Bringing in the professionals will ensure the job is done correctly and as time efficiently as possible. With years of experience in tub resurfacing, our team of tub repair specialists at Tub, Tile & Tops knows just what to do to make your bathroom shine again. We first begin by thoroughly cleaning all surface areas, and then repair any cracks, chips or blemishes in your tub. The bathtub or shower is then ready for the application of a primer, a bonding agent, the selected material coating and a sealant. Contact us today at 615-469-0756 for a free bathtub refinishing estimate.