When it comes to your beloved bathtub, wear and tear are inevitable. After a few years of use, it’s not uncommon for fiberglass fixtures to lose their shine or develop cracks due to stress points. Before you replace the entire tub, consider the benefits of simply fixing what’s broken. The pros at Tub Tile & Tops have introduced countless homeowners to the wonders of a bathtub repair, saving time money, and the hassle of a complete replacement. Below are the basics of fiberglass tub repair, and the highlights of how it could be exactly what you need for your Nashville bathroom.

Tub Tile And Tops Nashville Fiberglass Tub Repair

Why Fiberglass Tub Repair?

Over time, your fiberglass tub may start looking dull or have damage that needs some attention. The first step is to contact a pro to help repair your fiberglass tub. We start this process by identifying the root cause of the problem. The technician can then quickly repair the damaged area.

If you’re planning to refinish the tub, you can choose from an impressive range of color and texture options available. Then, we can move on to the refinishing stage of the process to help you create a fresh, clean look that perfectly suits your style. In less than 48 hours, you can say goodbye to worn-out fixtures and hello to a bathroom that looks brand new.

Tub Repair/Refinish Vs. Tub Replacement

Too often, homeowners and commercial businesses assume a brand-new replacement is the best option when something is damaged or in need of an update. In reality, that’s just not the case. Here are the top benefits when you opt to repair and refinish over an all-out replacement:

  • There is no need for removal or replacement, which means you get to skip the mess of the construction process
  • Your repaired tub will last for 10-15 years.
  • Plan to save up to 85% compared to the cost of a brand-new tub.
  • Our repair process leaves your tub stronger than its original state. We’re not joking.
  • You’re being kind to the environment. You’re not only saving a tub from the landfill, but our technicians also use eco-friendly products to complete the job.
  • The whole process takes under 48 hours to complete.

How to Care for a Repaired and Refinished Tub

Let’s say you decide to hire a professional to repair and refinish your tub. To maximize its lifespan, here are some proper care and maintenance tips to follow.

Maximize Ventilation

While showering or bathing, make sure to run your bathroom exhaust fan. This reduces humidity and helps prevent mold formation along the newly refinished tub’s caulk lines.

Rinse and Refresh

After each use, give your tub or shower a quick rinse. This simple step will keep it fresh between more thorough cleanings. Pay special attention to soap dishes and shampoo bottles, ensuring you wash away any soap scum that can gradually deteriorate the tub’s surface.

Gentle Cleaning

Regular cleaning is key. Use non-abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads like Blue Scotch-Brite pads or microfiber cloths to protect the new surface from damage. Stay away from powders or soft-scrub gels that can degrade the finish, and avoid bleach or bleach-containing products. 

Regular Maintenance

Don’t neglect your tub’s plumbing fixtures! Keep an eye out for any leaks or drips, as they can have a negative impact on any surface over time. Address any issues right away to ensure the longevity of your repaired tub.

Now that you have the inside scoop on fiberglass tub repair, why go through the hassle of a complete replacement? Tub Tile & Tops can offer reliable and cost-effective bathtub repair and refinishing services for your Nashville home or business. With our expertise, we can transform your worn-out tub into something brand new. Contact us at (615) 469-0756 today or request a quote online and say goodbye to the headaches of a tub replacement!