Home bathrooms are beginning to rival those that were once found only in luxury hotels. More and more people are viewing the bathroom as a haven in their home, and are remodeling in order to add amenities to soothe and pamper themselves. This is because bathrooms aren’t just a place people go to clean up; they’re now a private area where you can unwind after a hectic day. Here are some of our favorite ways to turn your everyday bathroom into a luxurious spa.

The Days Of Ordinary Bathroom Fixtures Are Over

  • Audio-visual equipment : A long-time staple of the family room, audio-visual equipment is now migrating into bathrooms. Gone are the days of singing in the shower to a little transistor radio. Instead, relax in your tub while you listen to Mozart, or catch up on sports highlights with a home theater system, complete with plasma TV. TVs can be ingeniously hidden away in a vanity or installed in a mirror-like enclosure.
  • Stone countertops: Incorporating natural elements like a beautiful agate or granite countertop into your bathroom adds a touch of sophistication. As the light plays across the countertop throughout the day, you’ll notice different veins of color that sparkle and dance. Sink refinishing helps keep the counter glistening year round.
  • Heated floors: Tiptoeing across a freezing floor on a chilly Nashville morning is the last way anyone wants to start their day. Fix this by installing heated floors. There are two types of heated flooring: hydronic and electric. If you want radiant heat throughout your whole home, then you’ll want to choose hydronic. The better choice for installing radiant floor heating in just your bathroom would be electric radiant heating. With this method, an electric blanket-like pad is laid under your floor. Panels in the pad contain wire coils that are controlled with a thermostat and timer.
  • Soaking tubs and steam showers: Soaking tubs and steam showers are the ultimate way to relax after a long day at the office. Tubs are no longer used simply to cleanse yourself, they also serve as artistic focal points in some bathrooms, so it is important to keep them sparkling. An inexpensive way to do this is with professional tub refinishing.

Though installing these fixtures may be costly, maintaining them is not. Tub, Tile & Tops is located near Nashville and provides a wide variety of refinishing services that are sure to keep your bathroom gleaming year-round. Bathtub and sink refinishing repairs cracks and scratches, leaving your fixtures with a beautiful new finish. Contact us today at 615-469-0756 for a free estimate.