Hospitals saw over nine million people come to the ER in 2016 for fall-related injuries. In fact, falls are a leading cause of death for senior adults. In a matter of seconds, a fall can have life-changing consequences. But there are many things you can do to fall-proof your home. If bathtub slips and falls are a concern for you (or may become one within a few years), consider asking Tub Tile & Tops to add a Slip Resistant Surface (SRS) to your bathtub or shower’s finish

Make Your Bathtub Safer with a Slip-Resistant Surface 

What’s a Slip Resistant Surface (SRS)?

A SRS is a permanent, textured substance that’s added to the floor of your tub, allowing for better traction and safety. This texturized surface is nearly invisible to the eye and easy to clean, unlike some imprinted, non-slip surfaces. Since the new surface will be sprayed on top of this coating, it will be sealed, sanitary, and can prolong the life of your tub. 

A SRS helps prolong the life of your newly-resurfaced tub. Since it is permanent, it does not need to be removed while cleaning, unlike other bathmats. Many people don’t know that using non-slip stickers or a suction cup bathmat can severely damage your tub. Besides causing the new surface to deteriorate more quickly, they can leave discolored areas or even remove the new surface.

How much does a SRS cost?

Normally the slip resistant surface costs $150 to install. However, if you decide to have the SRS installed when you have your tub resurfaced, it is only an additional $50. So, you can have the peace of mind of a more stable bathtub or shower surface for one third of the normal price. 

What’s my next step?

Give us a call today at (615) 469-0756 to discuss your bathtub refinishing project, or request a quote online. Remember to mention your desire to get a SRS; that’s a key step in the resurfacing process, and we need to know your goals before we begin. Tub Tile & Tops is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and we serve the surrounding communities of HendersonvilleBrentwoodMurfreesboro, and beyond.