The bathroom is by far one of the most important rooms in your home. You usually start and end your day there, so why not personalize your bathroom to make it all the more comforting?


If you’re starting a bathroom remodeling project and are tired of seeing the same old colors on your bathroom walls, bringing new color into your old bathroom can be a crucial game changer.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim can really help to improve the atmosphere of a new or old bathroom. Try to complement other colors already found in the space such as tile or cabinets. Don’t make every color match or you may end up feeling like you’re stuck on one side of a Rubik’s cube.

Details Add Personality

Details big and small can add quite a bit of personality to your bathroom. Find a way to incorporate your own personality into your bathroom’s design, based on your own interests.

Say you’re into amateur cartography: frame your favorite map and put it up on the wall! These accents can be anything you find interesting; after all, it is your bathroom.

Designs from magazines or television shows may be great inspiration, but you can inject your personality into your bathroom without adhering to someone else’s designs. Try melding a great idea you’ve read about or seen with a creation all your own!

Fun additions like this are the cherry on top of a well-maintained bathroom. There are other bathroom projects that should definitely be taken care of as well. Things like tub, sink, and tile refinishing can also bring an old bathroom back to life.

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