Dog or cat? Soup or salad? Boxers or briefs? These are the life-changing questions that adults consider as they mature. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, however, perhaps no decision is more important than choosing between the soothing bubbles of a bathtub or the steamy pour of a hot shower. As of 2006, Tub Tile & Tops has remodeled the bathrooms of Tennessee homes and expanded upon the imaginations of their owners. To explore the full potential of your bathroom, call (615) 469-0756, or contact us online

There is much to consider when remodeling your bathroom, but unlike the matching rugs and curtains, there are some decisions you are just stuck with. Before choosing how you and your family wash their bodies, study the space of your bathroom. A larger tub may make the space seem cramped, or it may be the dazzling centerpiece of the room. Discussed below is a full comparison of both choices. 

Fancy Tub


The lure of a bathtub sings a tune of warm waters, eased muscles, a glass of red wine, and a good book. Many larger families fall to the call of bathtubs because it is easier to bathe younger children and pets, but is also a place where they can relax themselves. Due to special features such as air jets and water heaters, bathtubs remain popular choices in many homes. The 2017 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study surveyed over 1,200 people and learned that an entire 37% of U.S. homeowners were considering upgrading their bathtubs

The issue with bathtubs, however, may not be as obvious as you think. Despite the fact that bathtubs can be time-consuming to fill and they take a lot of water, without special installations, they can be difficult for injured and elderly people to enjoy. 


In today’s busy world, comfort may be the last thing on your mind. According to N.Y. Times, most millennials are leaning towards showers. Showers are beloved for their quickness and practicality. Higher-end showers also include personalized features such as steam jets and color-changing shower heads. Like bathtubs, they can also be updated with seating and handlebars for the elderly or injured. 

Unfortunately, showers do not work well for people with smaller children, as the child can open the door and create a large mess. Large glass shower doors can also be more difficult to clean than a traditional bathtub, as they are prone to calcium stains. Showers also tend to break more easily and can be difficult to repair. 

Shower Tub Combo

Most choices in life boil down to your lifestyle. As bathroom remodeling can get expensive, some people are considering how their family will evolve while others live in the now. Whichever you decide, one choice is for certain: Tub Tile & Tops is the locally owned Nashville specialist that can make your remodeling needs a reality. Call (615) 469-0756 today! 

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