Have you been thinking about renovating your kitchen but don’t want to invest thousands of dollars to do it? Do you need more than a new coat of paint in your kitchen to make a major difference in its appearance? The professional team at Tub Tile & Tops has been refinishing cabinets in the Nashville area since 2006. Refinishing kitchen cabinets has several advantages over a major kitchen renovation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our fast results, while saving on your overall renovation budget.

Why Refinish Rather Than Demolish Your Kitchen Cabinets?


While completely overhauling your kitchen may give your home a new, modern appearance, it will also cost you thousands of dollars. Refinishing cabinets can give you surprisingly amazing results with a minimal dent in your overall budget. Most of our customers save anywhere from 70-75% when they choose refinishing over demolishing.

Quick Results

When you undertake a cabinet kitchen renovation, you typically are committing to a home improvement project that can take up to several weeks to complete. The cabinet finishing process at Tub Tile & Tops takes only 3-4 days. Not only are you saving financially, but you are also saving on time spent for a like-new kitchen.

Minimal Mess

Because our refinishing process only takes 3-4 days rather than several weeks, there is much less of a construction mess to deal with in your kitchen. Dismantling and installing new cabinets is a messy, lengthy process. It can leave you without full use of your kitchen for weeks, maybe even up to a month! Experience minimal mess and disruption when you choose refinishing over demolishing.

Cabinet Refinishing for the Win

Don’t wait any longer to change the look of your kitchen for the better! Contact us today at (615) 469-0756 to request a free quote for your Nashville home. We can also refinish other surfaces throughout your home such as sinks, countertops, bathtubs, tile, and fiberglass.