If you’re trying to decide between refinishing your bathtub and replacing it, you may want to learn more about the refinishing process. It may seem like a long and complicated process, but it really isn’t. At Tub Tile & Tops, we receive a lot of questions regarding how tub refinishing compares to tub replacement. Review these three myths to learn just how different and effective it can be to refinish your bathtub.

3 Myths Regarding Bathtub Refinishing

Myth #1: Refinishing Is Very Expensive

If you were to completely replace a bathtub over refinishing it, you would be spending much more on a brand new tub. Replacing, over refinishing, includes demolition, plumbing work, and installation. With bathtub refinishing, the only things you’re paying for are the materials to reglaze the tub and the technician’s time. It truly is an affordable option. 

Myth #2: Refinishing Materials Are Hazardous

With any type of home repair or renovation, there are materials used that could be toxic if inhaled. Thankfully, any professional construction or home renovation expert knows how to mitigate the effects of these materials. As a bonus, Tub Tile & Tops uses eco-friendly products in all of our refinishing services. Not only will your family be safe, but you’ll also be supporting a clean and healthy environment.

Myth #3: Refinishing Takes a Long Time

When you compare tub replacement to tub refinishing, the time it takes to complete each task is quite different. A complete bathtub replacement can take anywhere from one to three days whereas our tub refinishing process takes less than one day. In fact, your bathtub will be ready to use within four hours of refinishing.

Big Savings & Less Mess

If your bathtub could use a massive upgrade, call the tub experts at Tub & Tile Tops at (615) 469-0756. You can also request a quote online for any of our refinishing services including countertops, sinks, tiles, and fiberglass. We proudly serve Murfreesboro and all surrounding communities.

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