Do you need to upgrade the cabinets in your Hendersonville home? Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a complete cabinet renovation, consider taking advantage of our cabinet refinishing services. Tub Tile & Tops has been professionally refinishing cabinets since 2006. Wish to learn more about refinishing? Read these four FAQs to discover the advantages of our services.

4 FAQs Regarding Cabinet Refinishing

1. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Yes, we offer a limited warranty on our cabinet refinishing services. For residential buildings, we provide a 5-year limited warranty. For commercial structures, we offer a 2-year warranty. If our refinishing service fails in any way in the first two years, we will either repair the area or refinish the entire surface free of charge. A service fee of $95 will be charged after two years.

2. How Long Does Refinishing Take?

Refinishing cabinets typically takes anywhere from three to four days to complete. An extensive cabinet remodel can take several weeks before it’s finished. Along with spending less than a week finishing your cabinets, refinishing also causes much less of a mess and disruption when compared to remodeling. 

3. Do You Make Additional Repairs?

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets have been damaged, we can repair them before refinishing them. Types of repairs we can take care of include chips, cracks, and scorch marks. Also, we don’t simply repair and refinish cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom. We can offer our services for any cabinets located in your home such as the garage, basement, utility room, and more.

4. How Long Will the Refinishing Last?

You can prolong the life of your cabinets for up to 15 years with our professional finishing solutions. We only use first-class bonding agents and coatings that are known for standing up to daily use. As with any type of home improvement project, you need to ensure you are properly maintaining the cabinets if you want the refinishing to last as long as possible. 

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