When your commercial hot tub, pool, shower, or bathtub has seen better days, you need to call the fiberglass repair experts at Tub Tile & Tops. Not only can we repair any fiberglass damage, but we can also refinish it, making it look new once again. We handle a multitude of commercial fiberglass repairs for several businesses. Keep reading to learn how we can help yours.

3 Types of Commercial Fiberglass Damage We Repair

1. Hotels

Do you own a hotel or motel in the Murfreesboro area? If so, you’ve probably seen your share of fiberglass damage to your pool, hot tub, and bathrooms. Whether they are chipped, cracked, or worn out, our experts can easily fix and repair the damage. We can also refinish the surface as if there was never any damage at all.

2. Health Clubs

As a health club, you want to place your best foot forward for your customers. They’ve joined your club because they want to be in shape and look and feel their best. A pool with cracked fiberglass or a hot tub with several chips is very unappealing. Keep your fitness center in the best condition possible with our superior fiberglass repairs and refinishing services. We have a wide variety of color and texture options so we can match your current pool or hot tub surface with ease.

3. Churches

Many churches in the Murfreesboro area have fiberglass baptismal tanks available for their members. These important structures need to be properly repaired and maintained in order to keep them in prime condition. If the surface of your baptismal tank has faded or discolored, or there are holes, chips, and cracks from years of use, we can fix that for you. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to visit your church and take a look at your baptismal tank.

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