If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to deal with the mess or the high budget usually involved, then cabinet refinishing may be a good idea. With our quick turnaround time and our 5-year warranties, you really can’t go wrong choosing Tub Tile & Tops for your next cabinet refinishing project. Keep reading to learn more about the many other reasons you should hire us!

Why Hire Us to Refinish Your Cabinets?

Free In-Home Consultations

We want to give our customers the opportunity to find out how cabinet refinishing can make a huge difference in their homes. The best way to do this is to offer free consultations. Not only do we provide this free service, but we’ll also come directly to your home, so we can take a look at your specific cabinets and talk about what we can do to improve them. 

No “Over-the-Counter” Kits

While an over-the-counter cabinet refinishing kit may be fine for the DIYer, at Tub Tile & Tops, we take a professional approach to refinishing your cabinets. We only use the best industry-proven materials and have the expertise and knowledge needed to flawlessly refinish your cabinets. While we’re at your home, we can also repair any chips, cracks, or marks on your cabinets. An over-the-counter kit can’t do that. 

Minimal Mess & Disruption

Often, home renovations seem like they take forever. There’s a constant mess in your home and you feel like you have little to no privacy. With our cabinet refinishing services, depending on your specific cabinets, we can typically complete each project with minimal mess and disruption. Most projects can be completed in one day!

Call Us Today

Call Tubs Tile & Tops today at (615) 469-0756 or you can conveniently request a quote online. We proudly serve Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas with our bathtub refinishing, countertop refinishing, sink refinishing, tile refinishing, and fiberglass refinishing services.