So you’re at your wit’s end with your dilapidated bathtub. It doesn’t have the same sparkle as when you first moved into your home and needs a revamp, pronto. Don’t be too quick to chuck it out and have a brand new tub installed; a bathtub refinishing might be the perfect fix to bring your bathtub back to life. Replacing a bathtub is an expensive, lengthy process, so before you decide to go the pricey route, consider the more economical, quicker process of a bathtub refinishing in TN. Here’s a list of just some of the benefits that come with refinishing your bath instead of replacing it. Save Money: A bathtub replacement is significantly more expensive than refinishing, sometimes costing over $3,000. Refinishing a tub is much more reasonably priced, especially when you hire an experienced crew like the team at Save Time: It can take several days or even weeks to complete a bathtub replacement. Conversely, bathtub refinishing only takes up to 4 hours and doesn’t leave the enormous mess that replacing a tub can create. Save Your Tub: Believe it or not, we build relationships with the appliances and fixtures we use every day. If your bathtub has been a loyal companion, don’t throw it out at the first sign of wear. A bathtub refinishing from Tub Tile & Tops can repair chips, scrapes, and minor damage to make your old bathtub look brand new again. After your bathtub has been refinished and is back to pristine condition, consider the rest of your bathroom. Tub Tile & Tops can help get your entire bathroom looking picture perfect with our many bathroom renovation services, including sink and countertop refinishing. Contact Tub Tile & Tops today at (615) 469-0756 to get started on revitalizing your bathroom with an expert bathtub refinishing from our experienced crew. We’ll be more than happy to put our years of experience to work for you.