Save Time with RefinishingRemodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a big undertaking. You have what feels like a thousand details to coordinate, and each upgrade takes time. However, living without a kitchen or bath for any extended period of time can be quite inconvenient. However, at Tub Tile & Tops LLC, we have a few ways you can transform your space without having to take more time than necessary. In fact, here are a few of our services, each of which takes about a day (maybe two) to complete.

Sink Refinishing

Your sink has seen better days. Perhaps the porcelain is chipped in a few places, or the color is outdated. Well, before you go ripping out the sink, consider sink refinishing. We can repair and refinish porcelain, marble, fiberglass, and more, making them look like new in a fraction of the time.

Tile Refinishing

Whether it’s your kitchen backsplash or your bathroom shower walls, you don’t have to rip out and replace that old tile for it to look great. Our tile refinishing service can completely change the look of your tile, instantly giving it a modern look you will love. The best news is that you don’t have to spend time ripping out all that tile, preparing the surface, and then installing new tile all over again. You pick your favorite finish, we do the work, and the whole process is complete in a day or two.

Countertop Refinishing

Who wants to live without countertops? Not you. Keep your countertops right where they are, and let us refinish them. You can get the look you want in your kitchen or bathroom without ever having to go without.

These refinishing services are guaranteed for five years. And the best news is that they generally cost much less than if you were to completely replace them. You save both time and money. To find out more about these kitchen and bathroom remodeling services from our team at Tub Tile & Tops of Nashville, TN, contact us at (615) 469-0756.


photo credit: public domain via pixabay