Has it been some time since you’ve updated your bathroom? Perhaps your budget doesn’t allow for a total renovation, but you can give your bathroom a complete refresh with simple and affordable upgrades. At Tub Tile & Tops, we recommend considering these five easy updates for a sparkling like-new bathroom.

Refresh Your Bathroom With These 5 Affordable Upgrades

1. Change Out Soft Surfaces

It’s amazing how your bathroom can look so different by refreshing the space with simple changes like changing out the various soft surfaces. Updating the bathroom rugs, adding new towels, and hanging a new shower curtain, can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. 

2. Update the Paint

Paint is a cost-effective way to change the entire appearance of your powder room. Take it a step further and try a two-tone approach, painting the top and the bottom halves with complementary colors. This is also where you can experiment with various shades and hues.

3. Refinish the Sink

Another affordable way to improve your bathroom is by having the vanity sink refinished. Especially if it has stains, chips, or cracks, our technicians can easily refinish it to any color you’d like. Plus, once the refinishing process is complete, your sink will be ready to use in only four hours.

4. Upgrade Light Fixtures

If you haven’t changed out the light fixtures in your bathroom, it may be time for an upgrade. You can go as classic or contemporary as you’d like. Glass chandeliers can give the bathroom a romantic feel while modern pendant lights provide a more stylish and trend-setting update.

5. Change Out the Mirror

Changing out the bathroom mirror is another cost-effective way to upgrade your bathroom. There is a multitude of styles, shapes, and colors from which you can choose. Get creative and go with two mirrors rather than only one. The possibilities really are endless. 

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