Do you have a shower in your Brentwood home that has seen better days? Maybe the coating is coming off or there are several cracks or chips in it. Perhaps it’s covered in stubborn soap scum and limescale deposits that you’ve unsuccessfully tried to scrub off. Whatever the reason for needing a new shower, don’t spend more than you need to by replacing it. Have it refinished by the experts at Tub Tile & Tops! You’ll be glad you did when you see your bright, new shower.

Why Refinish Your Shower Rather than Replace It?

Less Construction

Any time you undertake a remodeling project in your home or replace any part of it like the kitchen cabinets, the flooring, or a shower, you will have a messy, dusty home for a short time. While you are receiving brand new parts or equipment, you will also be inconvenienced by the constant construction. Choosing to have your shower refinished rather than replaced will avoid all of this messy chaos. 

Quick & Easy

The process we use to refinish showers only takes about one day to complete. There is no large mess and no bothersome construction. Plus, your shower will be ready to use four hours after the refinishing is complete. 

Reduced Costs

Of course, the best reason to refinish rather than replace your shower is the significant savings. Refinishing a bathtub or shower costs 75% to 85% percent less than replacing it! As with all of the shower refinishing projects from Tub Tile & Tops, it will last anywhere from 10 to 15 years as long as you maintain and clean it properly.

Call for a Quote Today

Learn more about our shower repair and refinishing solutions by contacting us at (615) 469-0756. We are more than happy to give you a quote for your shower or bathtub. We also offer other home improvement solutions such as countertop refinishing, sink refinishing, tile refinishing, fiberglass repair, and cabinet refinishing services. We gladly serve Brentwood and all surrounding areas.