Signs You Need a Bathtub Refinish

When you have a home that could use some TLC in a few rooms, one common place that may need updating is your bathroom. With high amounts of foot traffic and daily use, the bathroom is often the first place that shows signs of wear. But don’t worry —you don’t have to replace everything in your bathroom quite yet! With bathtub refinishing as an option, tubs can easily be restored to look brand new again.

Here are three signs that your bathtub could probably use a much-needed refinishing from our pros at Tub Tile & Tops:

Outdated Color

The ’70s are a thing of the past, so why should your tub still look like it belongs in a decade of pale blues and pinks? With bathtub refinishing, you can easily change the color to a more modern option. At Tub Tile & Tops, our clients usually opt for a beaming white color that completely transforms the look of an outdated tub to brand new.

Damaged, Chipped, or Cracked

If your bathtub seems worn out from excessive use, chances are it has a fair share of visible nicks and chips. It may seem tempting to replace a cracked tub with a new one, but you don’t have to throw away your tub just because of a few cracks here and there. Our bathtub refinishing experts can fix it in the same day. Now that’s fast and effective!

Difficult to Clean

Have you gotten to the point that no matter how hard you scrub, scrub, and scrub that it makes no difference to the overall gleam of your tub? Save time by getting your tub refinished! Once the new coating is sealed, the surface will look like it’s been deep cleaned.

At Tub Tile & Tops, we serve the Nashville area with high-quality bathtub refinishing services. To get a customized quote for your tub, call us at (615) 469-0756, or request a quote online.

photo credit: lizzardo Blue bathtub via photopin (license)