If you have decided to update a bathroom in your home keep in mind the bathroom trends that swept the country this last year. These designs can be met through major or minor changes that will brighten any worn out bathroom.

Five Bathroom Design Trends:

  1. Texture: The use of actual and implied texture offers a unique bathroom design for your home. Lines, colors, and patterns can act as either a point of interest in a given space or a mellow background to a more prominent component. One pattern that is catching designer’s eyes is quilted effect; this can be reached by using custom-made glass keystone tiles.
  2. Glass: Accents of glass have been seen shining throughout kitchens and bathrooms across the country. Lighted panels of art glass incorporated into the design of the volcanic stainless steel hood, the window in the door, and a glass tiled backsplash shining from behind granite countertops act as pops of color and light against the warmth of wood. Glass can be used as counter tops, sink design and shower doors.
  3. Ceiling Design: Detailed ceilings are catching the eyes of designers everywhere. This sophisticated design has a rustic touch that relies on traditional architectural features paired with sleek contemporary finishes and materials. This can be done with patterns, such as tile design, or textures, with materials such as wood.
  4. Tub Design: Freestanding and angled tubs are a new design that works to balance bathrooms in every home creating a unique focal point. If you are happy with the position of your tub consider bathtub refinishing to update the room. This will brighten your bathroom no matter where the tub is located.
  5. Nature Elements: Natural tones and elements are now a very popular design in bathrooms. This can be met by creating a southwestern style powder room using earth tones. Polished stone combined with leather-wrapped cabinetry is at the core of this opulent space. When the beauty of nature can be brought inside a home, the impact is unmatched.

If you think your bathroom is looking drab, it may be time to contact your local contractor. If you’re budget is not quite up to replacing major fixtures, consider bathtub refinishing instead. Tub, Tile & Tops offers a tile refinishing, sink refinishing, countertop refinishing, and bathtub refinishing services that will brighten and update any bathroom. Located in Nashville, TN, call us at (615) 469-0756 for any tile refinishing services today!