If you are lucky enough to be moving into a new home, and love everything about it except for the old, dull tile and dingy grout, there is a way to fix that. Well, before you go to the time and expense of ripping out the old tile and replacing it with new, consider a much simpler, cheaper home improvement: tile refinishing.

What Is Tile Refinishing?

Tile refinishing is a similar process to tub refinishing, but often homeowners aren’t aware of this service. It cannot only prolong the life of tile (and tubs, sinks and countertops too), but can also make them look like new in the process. It’s definitely worth your time to get a consultation to see if tile refinishing will work for your tile. It can save you the hassle of having your bathroom out of commission, and it will save you the dust and dirt that a tile demolition would create. Besides that, tile refinishing is significantly cheaper than replacing tile.

Can Damaged Tile Be Refinished?

Yes, even if your tile has some chips or scratches on it, it’s still a candidate for a refinishing process. Before the refinishing begins, your tile professional will thoroughly clean the tile to remove the residue, and then repair any scratches and chips before applying new grout. After that, the actual refinishing process begins. This phase includes the application of primers, bonding agents, numerous topping coats, and clear finishes.

What Is One Of The Main Advantages Of Tile Refinishing?

There are a number of advantages to tile refinishing. One of the main advantages is that tile refinishing actually allows you to change your tile color. Perhaps you have lived with yellow or red tile for years, and you want an updated look. A tile refinishing allows you to change the color of your tile for a completely new look. You can coordinate the color with your tub or sink, or choose an accent color instead. You can even choose one color for the main tile and then a different color for a border of tile around the top. A tile refinish allows your style and creativity to shine.

Tile refinishing can be an inexpensive way to brighten up any room in your home. If you have any other refinishing questions, contact the experts at Tub Tile & Tops in Nashville, TN. At Tub Tile & Tops, we know that there are significant savings involved when tile refinishing versus the costly and tedious process of removing old tile, replacing with new, and grouting the new tile. Ceramic tile refinishing (as well as other materials such as porcelain) not only results in a beautiful new appearance, but is also a very “green” home improvement solution. Contact us today at (615) 469-0756 for a free tile refinishing quote.