Why Do Fiberglass Bathtubs Crack?

88594312Fiberglass bathtubs are a popular choice among homeowners because of their inexpensive cost. However, after a few years of use, fiberglass bathtubs don’t have that brand-new gleam like they originally had. In fact, you may notice that your bathtub has unsightly stains or even cracks. Here are some reasons why cracks in fiberglass tubs are common:

  • Improper installation: Since fiberglass material is flexible and bends when weight is placed on it, a tub needs adequate support to withstand frequent use. A plumber should place a stable concrete mixture underneath the bathtub for support. If your bathtub has many cracks, the plumber who completed the job may have been inexperienced and installed the tub improperly.
  • Heavy objects: A fiberglass bathtub can receive nicks and cracks if Continue reading

Free Refinishing Consultations in Nashville, TN

home-counterFamous for being the Home of Country Music, Nashville, Tennessee, is ranked as one of the best cities in America. Whether a small fracture in your fiberglass hot tub needs to be repaired or you want to resurface an antique claw-foot bathtub, simply contact Tub Tile & Tops at (615) 469-0756. Our services are available to homeowners in Murfreesboro, Hendersonville, Brentwood, and surrounding middle Tennessee areas. Continue reading

3 Ideas for Improving Your Master Bathroom

bath-tile-refinishingOld homes are often charming and more unique than newer houses. However, the bathrooms in older homes are usually antiquated. Whether you’re looking to buy or currently reside in an old Hendersonville house, your bathroom could benefit from our bathtub refinishing services. Our professionals at Tub Tile & Tops LLC know the importance of an immaculate bathroom. That’s why we offer affordable bathtub, shower, and sink refinishing services. Call us at (615) 469-0756 to learn more about our refinishing process. Continue reading